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This huge beautiful mare is in the middle of her racing career and she is very successful in what she is doing. Broken Heart wants to win and her long legs are an absolute advantage to do so. She has reached a good total winnings yet, but there is definately more potential. She is not very easy to ride because of her height and her temper which can be very difficult to handle sometimes. Her sire and dam are both very successful flat racers who gave her a lot of potential. Broken Heart is picky to her rider, some have terribly failed to ride this mare. But with her current jockey she is doing a great job and they are an unbeatable team on the flat racing courses.






Blackwell Inc.

Vorbesitzer -
Zuchtzulassung Englische Vollblüter mit gleichem Zuchtziel
Vererbung bisher keine Informationen
Verfügbare Jahre

2016 - 2028

Farballele Ee/aa


Conformation: 16

Type: 11

Athletic Ability: 13

Overall Impression: 17

Grand Total: 57%




Conformation: 14

Type: 17

Walk In-Hand: 7

Swing & Elasticity of Gaits: 5

Correctness of Gaits: 16

Overall Impression: 2

Grand Total: 61%


Conformation & Presence: 10
Movement & Rhythym: 9
Ability & Rideability: 6
Breeding Suitability: 6
Overall Impression: 8
Total Points Awarded: 39
APPROVED! Breeding Approval Rating inducted into studbook.



Balousixhundred RS 2016 Englisches Vollblut Brauner Hengst BR Indysixhundred Fürstenwalde



Dressur -
Springen -
Vielseitigkeit -





Hall of Fame






Running Style:
Fairly average speed from the break.
I haven't noticed any real notable burst of extra speed.
A steady horse, tends to make their move halfway or on the last turn.

Breaking Speed: 6/10
Minimum Speed: 3/5
Average Speed: 6/7
Maximum Speed: 8/10
Sustainable Speed: 11/35

Seems to run the best most of the time during workouts.
Surface Preference:
Id say this horse would show noticeable improvement on turf.
Competitive Spirit:
Doesn't seem to have the heart for serious racing. Could be a problem.
Mud Preference:
Doesn’t seem to mind a muddy/off track

(49) 10 - 11 - 8 | G1 (Retired)

Not Quite a Miler (7.5f) | Above Average Breeding Potential (A7)


05 Maiden 1400m, Gras Steffen Wielers EZ Zahr -
05 Maiden 1200m, Gras Steffen Wielers TS Loarbach 500
01 Maiden 1100m Jacob Kriecher TS Summerland 10.000
01 Maiden 1 Mile 2yo Jacob Kriecher ASC Blackwell Racemeet 10 2014 20.000
03 Maiden 1500m, Sand Jacob Kriecher Rennbahn Welmstedt 2.000
01 Allowance 6f 2yo Jacob Kriecher ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 11 2014 40.000
01 Allowance 7f, turf Jacob Kriecher VRH Treff 30.000
01 G3 1600m, Gras Julian Brohm Rising Sun Stables 40.000
04 G2 1200m, Gras Jacob Kriecher TS Loarbach -
05 G2 Oser-Rennen 1900m, Sand Steffen Wielers Fusion Racehorses -
05 G2 Juli Sprint 6f, turf Josh Mason VRH Treff 1.200
02 G2 1100m Josh Mason TS Summerland 6.900
04 G2 Lakeside Sprint 1600m, Gras Steffen Wielers Rennbahn Mayandor 4.500
03 G2 Mountain Race 2400m, Gras Josh Mason   7.500
02 G2 1300m, Sand Josh Mason Rennstall Stocken 3.000
06 G2 Frank Gomez Memorial S. 5.5f 2yo fillies Steffen Wielers ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 18 2014 -
05 G2 Great Lady M.S. 6.5f 3yo Steffen Wielers ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 19 2014 -
04 G2 San Clemente H. 1 Mile, turf 3yo Steffen Wielers ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 20 2014 -
01 G2 San Diego H. 1 1/16 Miles 3yo Steffen Wielers ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 21 2014 300.000
01 G1 1100m Josh Mason TS Summerland 32.000
03 G1 Almkirchen Platin Sprint 5f, dirt James Morris VRH Treff 8.000
03 G1 Ripping Good Time Jackpot 9f, turf Josh MAson Rennbahn Redbird 9.000
04 G1 1100m Phoebe Sterling TS Summerland 4.500
08 G1 Rosenbergs Derby 1700m, Gras Phoebe Sterling Kailua Horse Ranch -
02 G1 Beach Stakes 9f, turf James Morris Rennbahn Mayandor 17.900
07 G1 Reagenwright Stakes 2400m, Sand Jacob Kriecher EZ Zahr -
01 G1 In Memory Cup 2500m, Sand James Morris Rennstall Stocken 100.000
08 G1 1100m James Morris TS Summerland -
02 G1 2400m, Gras Phoebe Sterling Gestüt Royalhorse 6.000
02 G1 Bucket List Jackpot 9f, turf Jacob Kriecher Rennbahn Redbird 19.000
05 G1 2800m Josh Mason TS Summerland 1.500
04 G1 Preis vom Neiris 9f, turf Josh Mason VRH Treff 4.500
03 G1 Alfred G. Vanderbilt H. 4f Josh Mason ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 23 40.000
02 G1 Honorable Miss H. 6f Josh Mason ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 22 60.000
03 G1 Caymaro Derby 14f, turf Josh Mason Rennbahn Mayandor 35.500
02 G1 Holzpferdderby 2414m, Gras Josh Mason VRH Treff 20.000
05 G1 Dreaming Zoom Jackpot 9f, turf Josh Mason Rennbahn Redbird 20.000
01 G1 Preis vom Neiris 9f, turf Josh Mason VRH Treff 54.000
02 G1 Fisterwil Derby Langstrecke 14f, turf Josh Mason TS Fisterwil 115.000
03 G1 Frog Flieger Race 1200m, Sand Josh Mason EZ Zahr 8.000
02 G1 Saint Zahr Race 2600m, Sand Josh Mason   20.000
04 G1 Sonic Skydasher Grand Prix 12f, turf 4yo+ Josh Mason Rennbahn Redbird 30.000
03 G1 Saint Zahr Steher Race 2400m, Sand Josh Mason EZ Zahr 8.000
02 G1 Großer Preis von Kailua Events 6f, turf Josh Mason Kailua Horse Ranch 60.000
02 G1 2800m Josh Mason TS Summerland 75.000
04 G1 Dixie Belle S. 10f Josh Mason ASC Maquerade Stables -
06 G1 Beach Stakes 9f, turf Josh Mason Rennbahn Mayandor -
01 G1 Caymaro Derby 14f, turf Josh Mason   115.000
06 G1 B-Mobile Trial 15f, turf 4yo+ Josh Mason VRH Treff -
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