Danceontopoftheworld kam im Februar 2019 vom Nereus Riding Center zu uns zurück.


Danceontopoftheworld is one of our very uncomplicated horses. As long as she is treated well she does not care who sits on her or who walks her around, most of the time she is just happy to get some attention. With her beautiful dark dress everyone intent to look at her, especially to see her swinging gaits and defines muscles. She is not the typical diva as she is more of a companionable type of horse who loves to go on adventures. On track she is the same uncomplicated type as she has no preferente which type of track to run on. Sometimes it may seem as she does not care at all, thats when other horses take the lead from her. So as a rider, it is important to have her on full attention and adrenalin, once she lost interest, she won't win the race.





Züchter Rising Sun Stables
Vorbesitzer Nereus Riding Center
Zuchtzulassung Englische Vollblüter & Warmblüter zur Veredelung
Vererbung -
Farballele EE/aa

ASES Premium Rating

Conformation: 13

Type: 20

Walk In-Hand: 6

Swing & Elasticity of Gaits: 8

Correctness of Gaits: 20

Overall Impression: 5

Grand Total: 72%



Indyallover 2016 Englisches Vollblut Brauner Hengst BR Indysixhundred Nereus Riding Center
Eight Fairies 2017 Englisches Vollblut Rappe Stute Eight Elves Nereus Riding Center





Danceontopoftheworld hat ihre Karriere als Galopper beendet und startet jetzt im Springen

Ausbildungsstand 2'6 - 2'9

Potential ?



Jockey: -

(35) 6 - 6 - 10

siegreich bis G2



04 Maiden 9f, turf VRH Treff 500
03 Maiden 2100m, Gras Rennbahn Mayandor 1.200
02 Maiden für sieglose 3-jährige Pferde Madison Park 3.000
01 Maiden 1 Mile 2yo ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 22 20.000
01 Maiden 1100m TS Summerland 2.500
03 Allowance 1 Mile 2yo ASC Blackwell TB Racemeet 23 10.000
01 Allowance 7f, turf VRH Treff 5.000
01 Allowance 1100m TS Summerland 5.000
05 G3 Kornsee Sprint 6f, turf Sportzentrum Redbird 1.800
03 G3 1700m TS Summerland 6.000
02 G3 1400m, Gras Kailua Horse Ranch 14.000
03 G3 Unbridled Lilian Mittelstrecke 9f, turf Sportzentrum Redbird 2.800
02 G3 1400m, Sand Rennstall Stocken 3.000
02 G3 Ocean Stakes 8f, turf Rennbahn Mayandor 2.400
01 G3 1700m TS Summerland 2.800
01 G2 2500m, Sand Rennstall Stocken 6.000
09 G1 1100m TS Summerland 0
06 G1 Almkirchen Frühlingssprint I 5f, dirt VRH Treff 0
05 G1 Freshleg Frog Race 1300m, Sand EZ Zahr 0
05 G1 Faster than Me Mittelstrecke 8f, turf TS Fisterwill 10.000
04 G1 Freshleg Frog Race 1300m EZ Zahr 0
04 G1 Mintbuisquit Silver Sprint 7f, turf Sportzentrum Redbird 30.000
03 G1 Saint Zahr Steher Race 2400m, Sand EZ Zahr 8.000
04 G1 1100m, Gras Gestüt Royalhorse 8.000
04 G1 Dreaming Zoom Jackpot 9f, turf Rennbahn Redbird 30.000
03 G1 Freshleg Frog Race 1300m EZ Zahr 8.000
03 G1 Almkirchen Derby 15f, turf 4yo+ VRH Treff 10.800
03 G1 In my Mind Sprint 5f, turf TS Fisterwill 80.000
10 G1 Almkirchen Winter Sprint III 6f, dirt VRH Treff 0
03 G1 Freedom Sprint 6f, turf Rennbahn Mayandor 35.500
03 G1 1700m TS Summerland 10.000
02 G1 Flight Risk Silver Sprint 7f, turf Sportzentrum Redbird 50.000
10 G1 Freshleg Frog Race 1300m, Sand EZ Zahr 0
02 G1 Rennbahn Almkirchen Jubiläumsrennen 9f, turf VRH Treff 18.000
11 G1 Almkirchen Platin Sprint 5f, dirt VRH Treff 0



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